Georgia Peaches is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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Mama to Baxter/Bentley (previously adopted through GPPR), Rosie was pardoned by Amber Smith in the name of Molly her dog who was also rescued as an adult by GP from being abandoned in boarding nearly 2 years ago.

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Welcome to Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue!

Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue (GPPR) is a Seattle-based organization that transports puppies from disadvantaged situations (high kill shelters, crowded rescues) in the Southeast to Seattle where we have more limited rescue puppy options.  We hope that by doing so we can encourage local Seattle citizens to adopt puppies in need rather than purchasing a puppy locally or online.  A common complaint from our adopters is that they have had a very hard time finding rescue puppies locally!

Dog overpopulation from lack of spaying and neutering is a significant issue across the country.  In some areas of the country, like the state of Georgia, this is a major issue which leads to the euthanasia of thousands of highly adoptable dogs.  Many of these victims of overpopulation are puppies that do not have a chance unless rescue and adopters can be found.  An eventual goal of our rescue is to ultimately raise funds so that for each puppy we rescue, we provide a stipend for spay or neuter of a southeastern dog.

Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue works with Southeast rescues to pull puppies off of “death row” and out of crowded shelters, as well as other disadvantaged situations, and bring them to Seattle where they can lead full and healthy lives.

GPPR also has a strong emphasis on puppy training and exclusively uses positive reinforcement methods.  In fact, this is something that we require for our foster puppies and of our adopters.  Our goal is to provide adopter support for any family that adopts a puppy—not just those that adopt from Georgia Peaches.  It is our hope that by providing support and online educational resources that we can play a preventive role in keeping all dogs/puppies out of shelters as they grow older.  We believe that a firm training base in the beginning and truly understanding your dog can decrease the numbers that are surrendered to shelters.


GPPR is a 100% volunteer-run organization that depends on the support of dedicated partners and community members. If you can contribute to our nonprofit organization, we always welcome donations that will help us provide adoption services, education and training resources, emergency rescue and veterinary services for deserving pups.

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