Georgia Peaches is a 501c(3) pending organization.

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Welcome to Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue!

Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue (GPPR) is a Seattle-based organization that transports puppies from disadvantaged situations (high kill shelters, crowded rescues) in the Southeast to Seattle where we have more limited rescue puppy options.  We hope that by doing so we can encourage local Seattle citizens to adopt puppies in need rather than purchasing a puppy locally or online.  A common complaint from our adopters is that they have had a very hard time finding rescue puppies locally!

Dog overpopulation from lack of spaying and neutering is a significant issue across the country.  In some areas of the country, like the state of Georgia, this is a major issue which leads to the euthanasia of thousands of highly adoptable dogs.  Many of these victims of overpopulation are puppies that do not have a chance unless rescue and adopters can be found.  An eventual goal of our rescue is to ultimately raise funds so that for each puppy we rescue, we provide a stipend for spay or neuter of a southeastern dog.

Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue works with Southeast rescues to pull puppies off of “death row” and out of crowded shelters, as well as other disadvantaged situations, and bring them to Seattle where they can lead full and healthy lives.

GPPR also has a strong emphasis on puppy training and exclusively uses positive reinforcement methods.  In fact, this is something that we require for our foster puppies and of our adopters.  Our goal is to provide adopter support for any family that adopts a puppy—not just those that adopt from Georgia Peaches.  It is our hope that by providing support and online educational resources that we can play a preventive role in keeping all dogs/puppies out of shelters as they grow older.  We believe that a firm training base in the beginning and truly understanding your dog can decrease the numbers that are surrendered to shelters.

Want to volunteer for Georgia Peaches?

Board of Directors:

Georgia Peaches is accepting applications for two available board of directors positions at this time.  Sadly, one of us is moving and the other started school.  We are looking for dynamic, innovative, self-motivated individuals who are also fun that can help our team grow the GP organization.  If that is you please email for application details:  We are beginning the review process on April 2.


Puppy Case Manager (PCM):

Puppy Case Managers provide a personal Georgia Peaches touch and act as a resource for foster families. You are a virtual foster and guardian angel for the pups and their caretakers.  Each Puppy Case Manager will be assigned up to 3 puppies.

Position overview: As the “go to” person for foster families, the three primary responsibilities of a Puppy Case Manager are to answer initial telephone questions from fosters regarding behavioral and medical issues; help foster families gain exposure for their pups through Facebook (GP and personal), the website, and events; and make sure the pup is getting proper veterinary care.

Most telephone inquiries will be minor inquiries, and any major issues (mostly defined) will be referred to Katie/Mia.  Any after midnight inquiries would be referred to Katie/Mia as these are likely true emergencies.

PCM’s will help promote their pups through cross-posting on Facebook pages, assisting with taking the pup to adoption events, and getting pictures and information to the Georgia Peaches website by working with Heather, Erika, and Merith.

Last, PCM’s make sure their puppies are getting proper vetting – vaccinations, spay/neuter, chip and heartworm testing on a pre-determined schedule. The PCM would enter the veterinary information into the database and communicate with Christine and Erika.

General compatibility for this position: Puppy Case Managers should be available on their phones so if you are one that turns off your phone or doesn’t check texts/email then this might not be the best position for you.  Also, we would like to see a true caring for the puppy in order to make sure that they are doing well and that they are getting proper exposure for a forever home. Last, attention to detail is good since we can’t let veterinary care slip and the minimal required database entry job piece helps keep us in check there so we don’t miss important vaccines like rabies or dhpp (protects against potentially deadly infections like parvovirus and distemper).

Position requirements:

  1. 2-3 hours/week (if a case manager wanted to attend events, get more deeply involved with their assigned pups or oversee more pups, then it might be more hours each week)
  2. 6 month commitment
  3. Attend a 1.5 hour training session where we review basic puppy ailments (omg worms! Giardia!  Cough! Hair loss!) and behavioral issues (minor to major) in order to get you equipped and confidently informed so you can handle phone calls.  We will also cover the basic shot schedule and GP vetting protocols and teach you how to log into the database to upload and enter required vet issues.
  4. Prior foster experience a plus!  (but not required)
  5. Has a home computer with internet and phone that you check for email/texts.
  6. Some attention to detail and ability to communicate verbally and via email as we are dealing with the care of little pups that depend on us for their best outcomes.

Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer position. If you are interested in applying, please submit a letter of intent to