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In Georgia, Day 3 Recap

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On Saturday we had an extremely hectic day! Through a series of totally unplanned events we ended up having to transport our own puppies from Cedartown (near the Alabama border). This was a very exciting day for Katie Lanning who did the transport. She will create a blog post about this separately so stay tuned! While Katie handled the urgent 8 transport I headed to Clayton County Animal Control (CCAC) with Peggy Myers our training consultant from Companion Animal Solutions. Our goal was to both assist with photography and videos as well as interacting with the dogs. Since the shelter is closed on Sundays we wanted to document and photograph as many dogs as we could in preparation for a hectic Monday.

We started the day out by taking dogs out and using our newly donated photo props for the dogs. We also focused on trying to take dogs into the enclosed yard off leash that looked particularly stressed or bored in their kennels. Some of the dogs just wanted to sniff the outside air and some wanted to play and interact with us. Some of the dogs really enjoyed playing but some clearly did not know how to play quite yet. We also spent time picking up lots of poop which was very glamorous!!

One dog in particular struck me. We took her outside and initially she was shy and cringed when we would try to pet her so we backed off. After a couple of minutes she began to scoot her butt around and act playful. And then something happened when we reached under her chin to pet her. She rolled onto her back and allowed a long belly rub. At that moment she completely relaxed and it was a visible change in her body. She closed her eyes even and her nose twitched as she took in the outside smells (see video below). The change in her was so dramatic and as if she had never had the experience! It was very striking to me and everyone watching! She is a young adult dog which is not our target rescue demographic, but we cannot allow this dog to be euthanized. The world just seems like it is better with her living in it! Somehow we will need to find a way to keep her alive.

Our Saturday ended with a visit to the boarding facility where our three young adult dog rescues are waiting to come home to Seattle. It was very rural and although I wish they could stay with our team, the outdoor facility was quiet and clean and a good place to decompress in the fresh air after the shelter. We took walks with Savannah (white German shepherd), Violet and Badger so we could bond with them. All three are fantastic dogs!

Our day ended by getting lost in south middle Georgia since our GPS didn’t work and returning to our friend’s home where the urgent 8 were waiting for us with Katie. Their story and the hectic whirlwind that ensued will be documented in Katie’s blog.


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MonicaNovember 19, 2013 at 11:38 pmReply

Is the young adult dog still available?

peachpuppiesNovember 22, 2013 at 8:56 pmReply

Currently Mikey and Leila are still available, and they’re both young adults. Are either of those two the one you were thinking of?