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Resources and Education


We believe education is the key to a world of wanted pets, well-behaved pups, and happy human-canine relationships. Here are some of our favorite resources.  Email us at if you have resources to share!

Are you Ready for a Puppy?

Cost of a Puppy – Puppies come with a financial burden, be in the know before you adopt

Time and Energy Required for a Puppy – Puppies are a commitment, are you prepared?

Bringing a Puppy Home – What are you going to need once your puppy comes home?


What is Socialization? Why is it Important? – Well socialized dogs create lasting bonds with their owners. What is proper socialization, and why is it so critical?

Misconceptions of Socialization – It’s about more then just dogs and their owners.

Socialization Checklist – Comprehensive socialization guide from Dr. Sophia Yin


Positive Reinforcement vs Alpha Training – Decades of debate, what you need to know.

Ahimsa Dog Training – award winning dog training by professionals who care about people and dogs!

Companion Animal Solutions – personalized dog training choices by pet behavior experts.


The ASPCA has a pro site with links to webinars and other valuable information.

Petfinder and Best Friends Animal Society have joined forces to offer educational webinars on a host of topics.

Health and Safety

Choosing the Right Vet – Healthcare for your pet is an important decision.

ASPCA article on importance of vaccinations.

Puppy Play

Is my Dog Normal? – Dogs do some funny things, are all those things normal?