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Bringing home a new puppy is always exciting and overwhelming. But we’re here to help! Here’s a list of must haves to make your puppy happy:

1. A crate – Metal or plastic sided, in home and travel crates are all possible. From giving your pup a safe place to ride in the car to giving them a safe place to sleep, a crate is your number one training tool! Puppies can chew on things or pee on the carpet when we aren’t paying attention, crate training will help prevent them from getting into too much trouble.

2. Baby gates – These gates are great tools for sectioning off your home and keeping your pup in rooms with easy to clean floors! They also enable you to keep track of her when you are cooking, cleaning or just hanging out.

3. Paper towels – Trust us on this one. Accidents happen, stock up!

4. Pet Stain and odor remover – Because accidents happen (See number 3)! Look for pet-specific products and keep them on hand even after your pet is housebroken.

5. A small supply of her current food – Changing a dog’s food too quickly could cause digestion issues and discomfort to your pup. Find out what food they are currently on and buy enough to ease your pup into the new food you’ll give them. Again, move slowly.

6. Food and Water Bowls – Seems obvious, but you’ll want weighted water and food bowls that cannot be tipped over easily. Puppies like to play, and make serious messes.

7. Poop bags – Stock up. Whatever goes in must come out! Many companies have bio-friendly pet bags, so you don’t need to feel guilt about using plastic.

8. Puppy safe toys – Kongs, Orbees, Wubbas, oh my! Remember, no small parts that can be chewed off, and no squeakers that might be removed and swallowed.

9. Collar & tags – Your dog should have these on ANY time they have outdoor access. Do not let them have a chance to run off without identification and owner contact info. Once they are old enough to have all their vaccines, tags will be required for verification (or you could get fined!).

10. Build your network – Get the contacts for a reputable trainer, a veterinarian, and dog walker. Have the info on a good boarding facility. Get your friends involved. Make sure you have a plan if an issue arises.