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Puppies come with a huge financial responsibility. Most people, however, think that the cost of getting a puppy stops with the adoption or purchase fee. Reputable breeders will charge anything from $800 to several thousand dollars for their dogs, while shelters or humane societies will charge $35 to $400 depending on the animal.

Let’s be honest, getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment, so the financial burden extends far beyond just adopting the dog. You must think supplies, medical expenses, insurance, and so many other things that will raise your pets’ bill. Take a look:

Initial Costs:
Purebred: $500-$2000
Rescue/Shelter Pup: $40-$700

Initial costs are primarily determined on who you adopt from and what type of dog you get. Purebred dogs are generally more expensive then shelter mutts. Be sure to acquire your dog from a reputable breeder or shelter.

Dog’s First Check Up:
New Puppy: $100-$300
Young to Adult Dog: $30-$500
Senior Dog: $100-$500

Check up costs are generally determined by the dog’s vaccination needs versus what they already have. Many shelters will keep their dogs vaccinated and up to date, and different regions of the country require different vaccinations.

Future/Emergency Check Ups:
Annual visits and Vaccine Updates: $70-$130 yearly
Emergency visits: Setting a broken bone can be $600, while emergency surgeries can be $2000

Annual check ups are as important for your dog as they are for you. As is making sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date.

Emergency vet visits can cost you thousands of dollars, not a comforting thought. There are options to offset these expenses, including pet insurance. Click our pet insurance link to get a better understanding for policies and coverage.

Making a home for your dog:

Crate: $100-$200
Bed: $20-$100
Bowl: $10-$150 (if you’re looking to get really fancy, that is)
Leash/collar/tags: $20-$50
Registration: $0-$30 (Depends on where you live and whether your dog is spayed/neutered)

Apartment Expenses:
If you one of the millions of people who live in an apartment, the costs of having a dog increase. These costs include:
Increased Pet Rent: $15-$30 monthly
Pet Deposits: $200-$300

A medium sized (40-60lb) dog can eat its way through a 40lb bag of dog food in roughly a month and a half. Consider a bag of dog food will run you $30-$50 depending on quality, and you have an additional $25-$40 per month to budget for. For more info on feeding your dog, click here.

The moral of the story is that there are many other things to budget for when getting a puppy. Not only do you have to account for the adoption/purchasing fee, but you can expect to spend hundreds of additional dollars to make sure your puppy is comfortable in its new home.

Of course the initial costs will be the worst, but the continued costs of food, medical expenses and replacing your dogs favorite toy will carry through your dog’s entire life. Make sure you do your research to ensure that you can afford to properly care for your new dog!